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Get YOUR License!

Good News!

Getting licensed has never been easier! The FCC did away with Morse Code requirements. Now, all you have to do is pass a 35 question test (50 questions for Amateur Extra Class). And the good news there? We already know the questions and answers! 

First... Study! We have listed some online places to do that. In addition there are several books out there on licensing.

Next... Take the test. ULLWA offers testing (through approved Volunteer Examiners) for all classes of amateur licenses, year-round on an as-needed basis. We can usually schedule an exam with a day or two.


Then... once you have your Technician license you can UPGRADE to a General Class or even to the Amateur Extra Class License!

To schedule your test, please contact our club President at 936.327.5910 or email using Contact Form on this page. 

We look forward to hearing you

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