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Founded in 1935, the ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and capabilities with their local ARES leadership - for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

We would like to invite you to join the ARES® organization. There is no cost to join - just complete a ARES® registration and submit to Skip Straus, W5TXT.

As a member, you volunteer your time and equipment in case of an emergency in Polk County (or a call for assistance from a neighboring city or county). Polk County Area ARES, is part of the South Texas Section, District 2 of the National ARRL organization. We would like for you to also join the ARRL (at a cost, but not required). The South Texas Section has a Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) who is in charge of the 14 districts. Each district has a District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) and each county is assigned a Emergency Coordinator (EC).

We assist Polk County Emergency Management and other organizations with emergency communications. All ARES® operations must be coordinated with the Emergency Coordinator, Skip Straus W5TXT, as we do not respond to any scene of an emergency.  We also participate in other public service events.


State and Federal laws mandate that anyone involved in any type of emergency organization, paid or volunteer, be required to study and test to meet the minimum requirements of the National Incident Management System - NIMS. The minimum requirements for ARES is IS100.b and IS700.a. These courses are online courses and, upon completion, a link will be sent by email to print your certificate. This certificate will need to be put on file with the Emergency Coordinator. These are the links to the two mini-courses;


The Polk County Office of Emergency Management, as well as Polk County ARES also require that each member complete (and keep current) the National Weather Service SKYWARN class. Again, this class is offered free of cost and you can attend one of the many offered in the area every year - there is even an online version.


The South Texas Section ARES organization has a website to register your training and capabilities. This database lists your communications capabilites and training and must be approved by your EC.


I look forward to you joining us and helping us "When All Else Fails ®"

ULLWA's Polk County Area ARES

Emergency Coordinator










Many of us involved in ARES are also members of RACES: Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. RACES is the FEMA 'arm' of Amateur Radio and, as such, in the State of Texas RACES members are so-designated/approved through the Texas Department of Emergency Management. This does require separate application process through the State of Texas, Department of Emergency Management.

County Liaison Officer



ARES/RACES Emergency Frequencies


All Sections statewide:
3.873.00 LSB Texas ARES
3.910.00 LSB Central Texas Emergency
3.935.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare
3.975.00 LSB Texas RACES Alternate
7.240.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.248.00 LSB Texas RACES Primary
7.250.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.273.00 LSB Texas ARES Alternate
7.285.00 LSB Texas ARES Emergency Day
7.290.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare


South Section
3.955.00 LSB South Texas Emergency



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