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Members are interested licensed Amateur Radio operators from the counties located around Lake Livingston, Texas, who wish to conduct club programs and activities for the advancement and welfare of Amateur Radio, as well as educate prospective Amateur Radio operators about Public Service to our Communities.

Business Address
475 Indian Shore Blvd
Livingston, Texas 77351

Michael Smith - KO5K President

                          Coming Soon

Walter Teal - KG5CMC Treasurer

Father of two, Justice (3 years) and Liberty (2 months). Specializing in the IT feild for over 15 years. 

Larry Pfeil - KC5RJL
Vice President
Board Members

Warren Beard - KC5ZCD

Terry Edwards - WD5DAW

Don LeRouax - N5LER


Public Information Officer

Walter Teal - KG5CMC



Tom Sweany - W5QVK

                           Orginally licensed as W6PKL in 1952. Tom spent                               his high school and college days working relay in                             national CW traffic. Tom has a Masters degree                                 and Double Major in Math and Physics. Tom                                     worked as a high school instructor and retired a missile system analyst in test and evaluation at White Sands Missile Range. Tom currently enjoy gardening and ranching.

FCC 97



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