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2024 Officers and Board Members Elected

The nominating committee brought its' nominations and nominations from the floor were also entertained during our regular monthly meeting held on November 9th. Afterwards, the Election was held and results are as follows;

AA5DT - Dennis Teal - President

KD5UAD - Robert Herron - Vice President

KG5AWU - Beverly Herron - Secretary

W5TXT - Skip Straus - Treasurer

KE5YOW - Robert Canet - Board Member

N5SRF - Ray McCoppin - Board Member

KJ5CQV - James Pierce - Board Member

WB5HZM - Steve Colburn - Trustee and Board Member

Two members stepped down from the board... KA5TBL, Red Walker and KV5P, Mike Miles. Thanks to both of you for your work.

New to the board are are members N5SRF, Ray McCoppin and KJ5CQV, James Pierce. By the way, James (who is also our new "ZOOM Coordinator") passed his EXTRA exam the night of the meeting!

Congratulations to our leadership team for 2024!


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