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My apologies, but I haven't posted member birthdays since March. BAD webmaster!!! So, Happy Belated Birthday to our April and May members and Happy Birthday to our members with June Birthdays. NOTE! If you haven't told us your birthday (Month and Day ONLY!), we can't celebrate with you!

April Birthdays

April 1 - Nick Brown, KI5MXQ

April 15 - Sherill Canet, KE5YOX AND Shawn Boone, KG5OHP

April 27 - Robert Herron, KD5UAD

May Birthdays

May 16 - Kelly Adams, KJ5GLC

May 19 - Mark Jackson, N0CAL

May 22 - Don LeRouax, N5LER

May 27 - Philip Pogue, AF7RC

June Birthdays

June 8 - Michael Garrett, AA7KN

June 20 - Mike Bailey, WD5CWZ


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