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Another Fun Antenna-Raising Party!

LIVINGSTON, TX - November 5, 2023 - Johnny Fizer, KJ5AXQ, was the host and he proved that the old saying "have the right tools for the job" is something he lives by!

KJ5AXQ wanted assistance putting an OCF dipole about 60' up in his trees. Pulleys? Check. Paracord? Check. 134' off-center-fed dipole? Check! Ready, right? Not quite!

Well, it is when you have the right tools for the job - like a tractor and a professional tree climber! So Johnny, Arlo (the tree climber extraordinaire) and a few ham buddys (Gene, KI5JDC, Red KA5TBL, Terry, WD5DAW and Skip, W5TXT) met and got 'er done!

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