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Statiscally Speaking!

As of February 9, 2024 we have 44 awesome members in the Upper Lake Livingston Wireless Association!

Have you ever wondered how many Generals or Techs we have in the club?

The statistics changed a little yesterday because of three members who sat and tested with our VE team and successfully upgraded - congratulations Johnny Fizer, KJ5AXQ, for upgrading to Extra and Ray McCoppin for upgrading to General yesterday! And, BTW (pun intended as you will see) to Richard Hock, KJ5BTW for upgrading to Extra in January!

So here is the breakdown:

5% (2) Members hold the Advanced License

18% (8) Members hold their Technician's Licsense

and tied at 39% (17 of each) hold either their General or Extra Class Licenses.


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