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"How to Build a Dipole" Class Great Success!

We had eleven members attend the "How to Build A SImple Dipole" class on September the 9th... and what a great class it was! Huge thank you to Dennis, AA5DT and Red, KA5TBL for teaching this! Several of us built 'working' dipoles to add to a go-kit or at our home QTH.

We gave away a $100 gift certificate from Alpha Antenna to Don Schneider, NB5C, for correctly answering the question, "what is the motto/slogan for ARES." The answer? "When all else fails."

ARES members, please log in to the STX ARES page and click on "Courses and Training" and mark today's date under "Build a simple dipole antenna." Those that got to solder a PL-259 onto coax, you can also mark this as completed on the same page...

It is the goal of ULLWA ARES group to offer these ARES-specific trainings several times a year. Watch our calendar and Facebook Event pages.


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